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Home Care Assistance

Professional Cognitive Therapeutics in Minneapolis, MN

Are you facing an illness that will likely affect your mental functioning and cognition? Do you need a team of professionals that will help you enhance your cognition and delay the onset of mental decline? Home Care Assistance of Minneapolis has created a patent-pending program that stimulates your brain to improve mental quickness and functioning. This program is beneficial to patients with a desire to stay mentally sharp. We encourage better mental health with our program based on cognitive stimulation. Cognitive therapeutics is available to clients in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

Elderly Woman - Cognitive Therapeutics Minneapolis, MN & St. Louis Park, MN

Cognitive Stimulation in Familiar Surroundings

One of the factors which makes our program stand out from others is we come to your home. Working in a familiar environment eliminates the obstacle of acclimating to a new enviroment, so we can jump right in to cognitive work. We focus on many areas of the brain and thought processes, including:


 Remembering Details
 Planning and Organization
 Memory Activities
 Perception of Space
 Language Development and Practice
 Focusing Attention and Switching Perspective
 Censoring Inappropriate Behavior 
Even something as simple as companionship encourages social bonds that are absolutely essential to staying sharp. Cognitive therapeutics is a targeted form of communication which encourages reasoning and improves conversation.


One-on-One Sessions with the Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Just like every classroom or learning situation, one-on-one sessions can make the biggest impression and propel progress forward at a faster rate. Individual plans, also called intervention plans, following the cognitive therapeutics method are based on:

 Medical History  Personal Interests  Individual Needs  Assessment of Abilities  Limitations
Ideally, we want you to feel comfortable in your own home and function as well as you can without having to get stressed about leaving your home. Your customized plan will keep your activities challenging but still enjoyable. The purpose of the cognitive therapeutics method is growth, not frustration.



Family & Friends Can Stay Involved with Cognitive Therapeutics

Family members also stay involved throughout the process of cognitive therapeutics to learn about interaction and communication with their loved ones. Approved family members may get monthly progress reports in conjunction with support programs and educational opportunities. Caregivers are able to encourage mental growth through regular conversations and interactions.

Contact us today to learn more about cognitive therapeutics and how they can help! We are proud to serve clients throughout the communities
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